Eagles Training Camp Set to Begin

Chip Kelly will begin his first training camp with the Eagles today.

Chip Kelly will begin his first training camp with the Eagles today.

Today marks the official start of the first Eagles training camp under new head coach Chip Kelly. The first year NFL coach has decided to move the camp from Lehigh University to the Novacare Complex here in Philadelphia.

Select practices will be open to the public and held at Lincoln Financial Field.

That will not be the only change from the Andy Reid era. There will be a lot of new sights and sounds to look out for this year. There will be new drills, tempo, players, schemes, strategies and positional battles that will make this training camp quite unique.

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Philadelphia Eagles Trade QB Kevin Kolb and sign QB Vince Young

Kevin Kolb will be heading to Arizona to take control of the Cardinals. He signed a 5 year $63 million extension.

Within the last two days, the Eagles have finally jumped into this hectic but interesting off-season that has resulted from the lockout. Teams have been quick to make acquisitions in hopes of putting their teams in position to win despite having a shortened off-season and thus less reps with one another in practice situations. The elephant in the room for the Philadelphia Eagles has been when and where, not if, they were going to deal Kevin Kolb.

As the lockout was in its final days, Kolb was rumored to have several teams such as the 49ers, Seahawks, and the Cardinals all interested in his services. Those possible teams quickly shrunk down to one as the Cardinals appeared to be the most likely destination for Kolb. They were a team in desperate need of a franchise quarterback. Someone that they could sell to the fan base and more importantly to the team’s franchise player, WR Larry Fitzgerald, who can leave the team after this season. Kolb will arrive in Arizona with a new 5 year, $63 million dollar deal with $22 million guaranteed. There will be no QB battle in Arizona. That kind of deal is a steadfast commitment to a franchise QB. The question is, is Kolb a franchise QB.

Kevin Kolb has played in a total of 19 games in his 4 year career and has started 7 of them. That is hardly a hearty sample. He has also only thrown for 11 touchdowns and has 14 interceptions. There are certainly mixed feelings when it comes to Kolb. Some say he has the intangibles to be great despite a very small sample size while others say that he has not proven anything and that the Cardinals are banking too much on a QB with little to no track record.

Regardless, this is what Kolb has been waiting for. He wanted the chance to fully be given the reigns of a NFL franchise without having to look over his shoulder. He’s the guy in the desert now and the Cardinals are his team to lead. Andy Reid may have given him that chance here but one has to admit that having the opportunity taken from you after a bad start and injury on opening day must indicate that you never really had that firm of a grasp on the job in the first place. No more multiple starting caliber QB’s in Philly in light of this deal. Kolb is in Arizona, McNabb is in Minnesota, and Michael Vick is entering training camp as the Eagles’ undisputed number one QB. But every QB needs a backup.

Vince Young will be leaving Tennessee for the first time in his career to become Michael Vick's backup in Philadelphia.

Enter Vince Young. Because Young is technically on waivers, he cannot sign a deal until tomorrow but reports are that this is all but over with and agreed to. Young will reportedly take a one year deal to come to Philly and backup Vick. Young has had a myriad of ups and downs in his time in the NFL. He appeared to be the young QB that would lead the Titans back to relevance only to lose his job to Kerry Collins. In 5 NFL seasons Young has thrown as many touchdowns as picks and it has been the understanding of many experts that he does not have a very good work ethic. Perhaps the Eagles feel like the atmosphere in Philly will change that. They can look to how Donovan McNabb’s preparation rubbed off on Michael Vick and turned him into a hard-working student of the game. However, Vick had other life changing motivating factors to make him change his act. Will Young feel any more pressure to perform here in Philly as a clear-cut backup? That remains to be seen.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie will fill the number 2 Cornerback spot alongside Asante Samuel in the Eagles' secondary.

With one QB out and another in, let us not forget about the additions made to the defense. The Eagles defense had more holes in it than a GOP explanation of the economy last season. However let’s not get into political talks right now. This is about football. Things had to chance and yesterday they did. The Eagles received good value in the Kolb deal gaining a 2nd round pick and acquiring CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Cromartie will come in to play opposite Asante Samuel and could provide the boost the Eagles need in the secondary. Cromartie was a Pro Bowler in 2009 and admitted that he feels like his game could be elevated by playing with a corner like Samuel. The Eagles also returned a former bird to the nest by signing DE Jason Babin to 5 year deal. Babin had a pro bowl season last year for the Tennessee Titans under the tutelage of D-Line Coach Jim Washburn who now has the same role with the Eagles. Babin is expected to get the majority of the snaps opposite Trent Cole.

Jason Babin will return to the Eagles for another run with the team and his D-Line coach in Tennessee, Jim Washburn.

The Eagles obviously have more to do this offseason but the moves they’ve made thus far all make sense.