Is Donovan McNabb a Hall of Famer?

Donovan McNabb officially retired as an Eagle yesterday.

Donovan McNabb officially retired as an Eagle yesterday.

Yesterday at the NovaCare Complex, Donovan McNabb officially retired from the NFL as a Philadelphia Eagles. The announcement was made in front of a packed auditorium filled with former Eagles, current Eagles, media and organizational figures. The celebration of McNabb’s career in Philadelphia will culminate in September when his #5 jersey will be retired as the Eagles take on Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs.

The retirement news has spawned the debate of whether or not McNabb deserves a place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. There are indeed a number of categories that voters take into consideration including numbers, success and ultimately championships.

McNabb shines in some of these categories and lacks in others, but is the whole body of work deserving of a bust in Canton?

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Eagles Training Camp Set to Begin

Chip Kelly will begin his first training camp with the Eagles today.

Chip Kelly will begin his first training camp with the Eagles today.

Today marks the official start of the first Eagles training camp under new head coach Chip Kelly. The first year NFL coach has decided to move the camp from Lehigh University to the Novacare Complex here in Philadelphia.

Select practices will be open to the public and held at Lincoln Financial Field.

That will not be the only change from the Andy Reid era. There will be a lot of new sights and sounds to look out for this year. There will be new drills, tempo, players, schemes, strategies and positional battles that will make this training camp quite unique.

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Time to Get Over the Cary Williams’ Remarks

Eagles CB Cary Williams has taken some heat for missing OTA's.

Eagles CB Cary Williams has taken some heat for missing OTA’s.

New Eagles’ cornerback Cary Williams has made some interesting remarks regarding his absences from the Eagles’ OTA sessions. Williams missed at least three OTA’s which did not sit well with some pundits and fans throughout the city. Under the most recent collective bargaining agreement, OTA’s are voluntary team activities. Players are not obligated to attend and teams can not reprimand players for not showing up. Williams took advantage of that fact but his reasons for doing so do not seem to be satisfying critics.

It’s time to just get over it.

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Eagles Announce 2013 Training Camp Details

The Novacare Complex will serve as the primary home of Eagle's Training Camp 2013.

The Novacare Complex will serve as the primary home of Eagles’ Training Camp 2013.

This morning on Philadelphia, the dates were announced for the Eagles’ first training camp of the Chip Kelly Era. The OTA period up to this point has been held under a microscope as people in Philadelphia are eager to figure out what the Eagles will look like under Kelly. Expect that to be turned up even more during training camp as many heated position battles, such as quarterback and defensive back, are decided.

Here are some of the highlights from this morning’s announcement.

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Chip Off The Old Block: Eagles Land Chip Kelly

The Eagles have reportedly reached a deal with Chip Kelly to become their new head coach.

The Eagles have reportedly reached a deal with Chip Kelly to become their new head coach.

According to an ESPN report, the Philadelphia Eagles have hired former Oregon Head Coach Chip Kelly. Kelly interviewed for the position following Oregon’s season but did not reach an agreement and appeared poised to stay at Oregon for another run at a national title. All that has changed and Kelly will now bring his innovative offensive mind and charismatic personality to Philadelphia. reported this quote from Eagles’ Owner Jeffrey Lurie regarding Chip Kelly:

“Chip Kelly will be an outstanding head coach for the Eagles,” Eagles owner Jeff Lurie said. “He has a brilliant football mind. He motivates his team with his actions as well as his words. He will be a great leader for us and will bring a fresh, energetic approach to our team.”

More to come…

How This Weekend’s Games Affect the Eagles’ Coaching Search

Could Mike McCoy go from coaching Peyton Manning to patrolling the Eagles sidelines?

Could Mike McCoy go from coaching Peyton Manning to patrolling the Eagles sidelines?

A pair of potential Eagles head coaches took to the sidelines this weekend to coach their prospective teams. Mike McCoy, offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos and Gus Bradley, defensive coordinator for the Seattle Seahawks, both interviewed for the Eagles job and both are now free to accept offers as their seasons are over.

The question that now arises is, following their teams showings, should the Eagles still consider these two coaches.

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Jeffrey Lurie Stands Behind Andy Reid: What does it all mean?

Jeffrey Lurie has announced that Andy Reid will return to coach his 14th season with the Eagles.

By now it certainly is not breaking news. Jeffrey Lurie took to the podium at the NovaCare Complex Tuesday to announce that Andy Reid will be back next season to coach the Philadelphia Eagles for a 14th season. Lurie met with the media just two days after the season ended and before his coach has done so. Certainly there are fans out there that are not happy with Lurie’s decision. The “fire andy” chanters are certainly up in arms this season. Media members are probably not all that excited either considering they have to deal with Reid’s unclear and predictable answers.

Speaking of pressers, let’s analyze Lurie’s. There are many points and things to analyze in regards to what the announcement means for the fans, for the team, for the organization as a whole and most interestingly, for Lurie himself. I’m not a doctor, but the themes of Lurie’s address seem to point to something very distinct. It’s a textbook case of grief.

According to Elisabether Kubler-Ross and David Kessler the five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. All of these were paramount in Lurie’s words and demeanor as he stood before the media assembled before him.


Denial is the typical response to anything that occurs in life that does not go our way. We all tend to make excuses during this time and sugarcoat to try to make a situation seem a little less bleak than it actually is. Lurie clearly embodied that symptom.

The first display came early in the press conference before the questions started flying. Lurie denied the fact that he had high expectations for the team. He basically admitted that he thought the team could be good but did not regard them as the best.

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Is Karma Real? Ask Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens would seem like a logical fit for the Niners but there is a slim chance he will end up there.

Have you ever looked for solid, undeniable proof of the existence of the phenomenon that is karma? Tons of people have and it is the typical excuse we use to justify why certain things happen to certain people in certain situations.

Karma is basically defined as the good or bad incarnations that result from the behaviors of an individual. If you do good, good will happen to you and if you do bad, bad will happen to you. Pretty simple right?

There is no scientific proof that karma exists, but if you are looking for some very strong support of it, look no further than Terrell Owens. The former NFL wide receiver has built a reputation of being a disruption in the locker room and now he is struggling to find a locker room that will take him in. The offers are there, they just aren’t from NFL teams.

The latest reports involving Owens report that the former All-Pro wideout is on the verge of returning to the gridiron with an Indoor League team, the  Allen Wranglers. The simple fact that an NFL team will not come anywhere near Owens is the greatest example of karma I’ve ever seen.

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What do Philly Fans Want for Christmas?

Philadelphia fans have a lot to wish for this holiday season.

Tis the season to be jolly…

It’s the time of year when we all grab a pen and paper (or maybe an iPad) and make out our list to Santa Claus as we all hope for that special gift to be under the tree come Christmas morning. I came home this afternoon and noticed my parents making their annual inconspicuous trek out the door, failing to mention to anyone exactly where they were headed. They’ve dropped their share of hints to the point where my brother ended up making up a list for “Santa” and needless to say, that list is gone. I’m not trying to let the cat out of the bag for any of my readers who haven’t heard the news so lets move on.

The list itself made me wonder something. What are Philadelphia sports fans hoping that Santa brings them on Christmas morning?

There have been a few early gifts for Philly sports enthusiasts. The Sixers are back in action and thumped the Washington Wizards in their first preseason game last Friday. The Eagles defeated the New York Jets Sunday to keep their playoff hopes alive. The Flyers will be the hosts of this year’s Winter Classic at Citizen’s Bank Park and their star Claude Giroux has returned to practice following a concussion (Story via CSNPhilly). And of course, the Phillies re-signed Jimmy Rollins to a deal that will keep him in red pinstripes for three to four more seasons. But let’s be realistic. Philadelphia fans are hard to please so there’s a good chance there’s more on the list.

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Alive N’ Kickin’: Eagles defeat Jets to Keep Playoff Hopes Alive

Michael Vick recorded his first rushing touchdown of the season in the Eagles win over the Jets.

When the word came across that the Washington Redskins had upset the New York Giants on the road, the Eagles season suddenly took on meaning. It became a slight bit more realistic to hope for the team to make the playoffs. It’s still far from likely, but possible. The first step in keeping those hopes possible was to defeat the New York Jets at Lincoln Financial Field.

The Eagles have never lost to the New York Jets and they thoroughly kept that trend going by defeating New York 45-19 (highlights). The Eagles ability to withstand turnovers and to capitalize on the Jets’ mistakes allowed the team to flourish in their rout of New York. With the win, The Eagles have kept fans believing for at least one more week.

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