Why PED Culture in Baseball Will Never Change

Ryan Braun denied any wrongdoing in connection to PED's.

Ryan Braun denied any wrongdoing in connection to PED’s.

Steroid use in professional baseball has been a hot button issue for the bulk of the last 15 years. The recent suspension of Brewers’ outfielder, Ryan Braun, has ramped up the discussion even more. It is safe to say that Braun’s suspension will be followed by more as several players including Alex Rodriguez, Nelson Cruz, Gio Gonzalez and Bartolo Colon are facing suspicion as well.

Links to the Biogenesis Clinic in Florida make it all but a certainty that these players will face penalties that will impact their teams and their wallets as well.

Major League Baseball is working quickly and diligently to get these players punished, evident through the fact that Braun’s 65 game suspension for the remainder of this season was reached in conjunction with the league. However, Major League Baseball is beginning to fight a battle with no clear end in sight.

You can continue to punish individuals who violate your drug policy after the fact, but how do you change the overall PED culture in baseball? If the presence of these punishments have not cleaned the game up in a significant way, what will?

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