Chip Off The Old Block: Eagles Land Chip Kelly

The Eagles have reportedly reached a deal with Chip Kelly to become their new head coach.

The Eagles have reportedly reached a deal with Chip Kelly to become their new head coach.

According to an ESPN report, the Philadelphia Eagles have hired former Oregon Head Coach Chip Kelly. Kelly interviewed for the position following Oregon’s season but did not reach an agreement and appeared poised to stay at Oregon for another run at a national title. All that has changed and Kelly will now bring his innovative offensive mind and charismatic personality to Philadelphia. reported this quote from Eagles’ Owner Jeffrey Lurie regarding Chip Kelly:

“Chip Kelly will be an outstanding head coach for the Eagles,” Eagles owner Jeff Lurie said. “He has a brilliant football mind. He motivates his team with his actions as well as his words. He will be a great leader for us and will bring a fresh, energetic approach to our team.”

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How This Weekend’s Games Affect the Eagles’ Coaching Search

Could Mike McCoy go from coaching Peyton Manning to patrolling the Eagles sidelines?

Could Mike McCoy go from coaching Peyton Manning to patrolling the Eagles sidelines?

A pair of potential Eagles head coaches took to the sidelines this weekend to coach their prospective teams. Mike McCoy, offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos and Gus Bradley, defensive coordinator for the Seattle Seahawks, both interviewed for the Eagles job and both are now free to accept offers as their seasons are over.

The question that now arises is, following their teams showings, should the Eagles still consider these two coaches.

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Is Karma Real? Ask Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens would seem like a logical fit for the Niners but there is a slim chance he will end up there.

Have you ever looked for solid, undeniable proof of the existence of the phenomenon that is karma? Tons of people have and it is the typical excuse we use to justify why certain things happen to certain people in certain situations.

Karma is basically defined as the good or bad incarnations that result from the behaviors of an individual. If you do good, good will happen to you and if you do bad, bad will happen to you. Pretty simple right?

There is no scientific proof that karma exists, but if you are looking for some very strong support of it, look no further than Terrell Owens. The former NFL wide receiver has built a reputation of being a disruption in the locker room and now he is struggling to find a locker room that will take him in. The offers are there, they just aren’t from NFL teams.

The latest reports involving Owens report that the former All-Pro wideout is on the verge of returning to the gridiron with an Indoor League team, the  Allen Wranglers. The simple fact that an NFL team will not come anywhere near Owens is the greatest example of karma I’ve ever seen.

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The Phenomenon That is Tebow

Tim Tebow has led the Broncos to first place in their division.

Either you hate him or you love him. Either you think he is merely an untalented fad of a quarterback who will eventually be figured out by NFL defenses or you think he is making up for what he lacks in quarterbacking skill with pure leadership and will. Either way you know he is an unconventional NFL signal caller to say the least and he is currently one of the most intriguing enigmas in all of sports today.

If you have paid a visit to ESPN or NFL Network during this football season, you have probably stumbled upon quite a bit of in-depth Tebow analysis. The overwhelming analysis from almost every expert is that Tebow will not be able to continue winning games and it is merely a matter of time before the league figures out how to stop him and the Broncos option offense. The question is…WHEN?

Tebow has started every game for the Broncos since Week 7 and has a 7-1 record. Why is it taking so long to figure him out? The Broncos are now 8-5, first place in their division. Sometimes its hard to hear pundits claim that Tebow will never win in the NFL since all he’s done is WIN, WIN, WIN.

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It’s Back: NFL Players and Owners Reach Deal on New CBA

Demaurice Smith and Roger Goodell adress the media in light of the new CBA agreement.

The NFL Lockout is now over after a dispute of over 4 months. The players finally voted today on a deal that will allow for the NFL season to start on time meaning no one will have to drastically change their Sunday plans come this fall. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was quoted as saying “This is a long time coming, and football’s back.” NFLPA Director Demaurice Smith admitted that not every side got what they wanted in the new deal, but that the deal was fair for both sides.

The owners gained the majority of the $9 billion in dispute throughout the negotiations and earned a 53% share of annual league revenues. The players gained several amendments to practice time limits and off season work. The day of two a days may be over and players hope to see a safer game that will result in fewer injuries.

The NFL has outlined the timeline for how teams are to operate going forward. Tomorrow at 10am, trading begins, teams can sign rookies and un-drafted free agents, and teams can negotiate with veteran free agents. On Thursday at 4:01pm, teams can start to cut players. On Friday at 6pm, teams can officially sign free agents to contracts. By August 4th, teams must be within the salary cap. Training Camps are set to start up by Wednesday.

The NFL  will only lose the Annual Hall Of Fame Game to the lockout but, players and owners alike are happy to know that no regular season games will be lost.

Nnamdi Asomugha will undoubtedly be one of the most coveted free agents now that the lockout is over.

The rapid nature of negotiations will certainly lead to an exciting offseason for trade and free agent rumor hounds. Free Agents like Nnamdi Asomugha, Ray Edwards, DeAngelo Williams, Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes, Ike Taylor and maybe even Brett Favre if speculation turns into reality, may all be prizes for the quickest acting teams. One major difference with this offseason is that teams will not be granted exclusive negotiation rights with their own free agents due to the little time available to the teams. Trades will also be a big part of the offseason as players like Kevin Kolb will certainly find new homes within the week.

All signs point to Kevin Kolb heading from the Eagles to the Cardinals to join forces with Larry Fitzgerald and to get a crack at being a number 1 QB.

So breathe easy NFL fans. Football is indeed back. It shows a good example that when you work together and come to the table and negotiate, things can  get done. Wonder if there is another institution, one that perhaps runs our everyday existence, that can learn from that statement. Anyway, enjoy the rapid player movement that will come from the lockout and pay close attention because if you blink you will certainly miss something.


Local Hero Mark Herzlich Featured in NFL Series “Everything to Prove”

Mark Herzlich while playing for Boston College.

In May of 2009 while playing football for Boston College. Pennsylvania native, Mark Herzlich learned that he had developed a rare form of bone cancer known as Ewing’s Sarcoma. Herzlich was preparing for what was to be his senior season at Boston College and few doubted that his football career would last beyond that into the NFL.

Herzlich, a linebacker, made an impact right away in college. He played in every game as a true freshman in route to being named College Football News’ Freshman All American. In 2008 Herzlich was named the ACC Defensive Player of the Year and was a first team All American. Herzlich was a highly touted prospect heading into the 2009 NFL Draft, but he declined to enter the draft to return to BC for another season.

In September of 2009, Herzlich announced that he beat what he described as his toughest opponent, cancer. Herzlich was successful in returning to the field in 2010 for Boston College. He was named the “Most Courageous Athlete” by the Philadelphia Sports Writers Association at a banquet that I was lucky enough to attend. Herzlich’s speech that evening resonated with every journalist, coach and athlete in the room. It was truly a special moment for an athlete who had overcome so much.

Mark Herzlich leading his Boston College Teammates onto the field.

Herzlich’s next step was to prepare to continue pursuing his dream of playing in the NFL. He was available for selection in the 2011 NFL Draft but no NFL team took a chance on him. With the current lockout in place, Herzlich has not had an opportunity to sign on with an NFL team and was drafted by a UFL franchise. He declined to join in hopes of getting an NFL contract as soon as signing can begin.  

Herzlich continues to workout and train in preparation for a shot in the NFL. He is currently being featured in the series “Everything to Prove” which is being made by NFL Films in conjunction with Gatorade. “Everything to Prove” is a series of web episodes which follow the lives of NFL rookies during this uncertain off-season. Herzlich can be seen in this episode, which highlights how he is coping with waiting for his NFL chance. You can catch up on all the episodes in the series at

NFL Lockout is Looming

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has insisted that a deal will be reached.

The clock is ticking. Tonight at 12:00am the NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement will expire unless a deal can be reached prior to the deadline. That essentially means that the owners will lock the doors and the players will go on strike. This means that there will potentially be no season next year. There have been ongoing negotiations between the owners and the players and at this point, both sides are remaining quiet on the situation. The owners have been advised to not make comments to the media and at this point no one is too sure about anything.

What we do know is, all of the best aspects of the NFL off season, go out the window. Trades will be disallowed during the lockout as will signing free agents. For the many teams that need to retool their rosters to compete, the lockout could put all of their plans on hold.

The major issues revolve around the 18 game season proposed by the owners and the rookie salary scale. Owners are seeking more games which will lead to more revenue dollars but they do not want to pay the players any more money. The players have no intention of playing a longer season without more compensation and more guaranteed money. As far as the rookie scale goes, it seems like both sides are willing to admit that rookie contracts need to be scaled back but the question is by how much.

NFLPA director DeMaurice Smith.

At this point, it does not seem like a resolution is right around the corner but there certainly is reason to believe that there will be football next season. Let’s hope that it is not anything like the 1987 replacement games played with replacement football players hired by the owners. Both sides are well aware of how lucrative this business is, and both want their fair share. Last season was the most profitable in NFL history and it boasted the most viewed super bowl of all time despite the lackluster musical elements. Both players and owners are well aware of this and they are both standing strong to get what they want.

Tonight at midnight something will have been decided. Either concessions will have been made and the off season will be in full swing or the NFL will be in a lockout and fans may have to find something else to occupy their Sundays and Mondays this upcoming fall.