Silence is Never Golden in Philadelphia

Sixers GM Sam Hinkie has kept a tight lip when it comes to the Sixers' plans.

Sixers GM Sam Hinkie has kept a tight lip when it comes to the Sixers’ plans.

If there is one thing that will win you favor with Philadelphia fans, it is transparency. The new Sixers brass must not have gotten the memo.

This offseason the Sixers got off to a quick start making headlines. After the team’s dismal season, which ended with no playoff appearance, Doug Collins announced his resignation after three seasons at the helm in Philadelphia.

Soon after, the team parted ways with GM Tony Dileo who only served in that capacity for one season but who has held various positions with the team for years including a stint as head coach.

The team then made a splash when they hired Sam Hinkie as the new GM and President of the franchise. Hinkie came over from the Rockets touting analytics as the key to turning the Sixers into contenders.

That day was the day the Sixers turned off the lights, closed the curtains and pretended they were not home.

Miami Heat assistant David Fizdale has emerged as a candidate for the Sixers head coaching position.

Miami Heat assistant David Fizdale has emerged as a candidate for the Sixers head coaching position.

Since Hinkie’s hiring the Sixers have gone into stealth mode. They have been absolutely silent in terms of their head coaching search and they will be going into tonight’s NBA Draft without a coach to give insight. There have been a few names linked to the Sixers coaching search but no one from the organization is willing to confirm anything in the media.

The team has also chosen to keep all draft workouts secret as well. That means fans have no clue who the team has had into PCOM to see firsthand. With no set coaching staff, who is assessing these workouts? The team website typically features interviews and footage from prospect workouts. Check out the site this year. There is nothing of the sort.

To a degree, I understand what the Sixers are trying to do. Perhaps keeping workouts quiet will protect against tipping off other teams about what prospects you are interested in. Maybe keeping quiet about coaches will keep other franchises from zeroing in on your top candidates. However, I would like to warn the Sixers new brass that that type of approach does not often play well in Philadelphia.

Take a look at the other teams. Ruben Amaro Jr. for any fault you may have with him has spoken to the media regularly in regards to the disappointment the Phillies have had over the last two years. Paul Holgrem is incredibly transparent and gets right to the point with the media and with his handling of the Flyers. The Eagles are somewhat quiet at times but never so secretive that we have no inclination of players they are interested in or coaches they are pursuing.

Sam Hinkie should learn quickly that secrets are not the way to win the fan base back. People are already tuning out the Sixers. Giving them absolutely nothing to talk about, is not going  to help the situation.

Cody Zeller could be an option for the Sixers at 11.

Cody Zeller could be an option for the Sixers at 11.

The team does not have to revert back to the over excessive in your face strategy of the past two seasons which involved a city-wide debate over whether our mascot should be Ben Franklin, a dog or a moose, or the over indulgent press conference at the National Constitution Center to introduce Andrew Bynum to the fans.

Find a happy medium. You do not have to tell us who you are going to pick in the draft, but at least post an interview or two after a workout. At least give a little insight about the coaches you like or at least the type of coach you are looking for. Give the fans a reason to care. Dedicated Sixers fans deserve that.

Because I want to see this new Sixers regime succeed, they need to open up a little bit. The overall Philadelphia fan base has enough fervor for the other three teams and the bottom line is they do not need the Sixers, especially if the team does not want to tell anyone anything.

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