How This Weekend’s Games Affect the Eagles’ Coaching Search

Could Mike McCoy go from coaching Peyton Manning to patrolling the Eagles sidelines?

Could Mike McCoy go from coaching Peyton Manning to patrolling the Eagles sidelines?

A pair of potential Eagles head coaches took to the sidelines this weekend to coach their prospective teams. Mike McCoy, offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos and Gus Bradley, defensive coordinator for the Seattle Seahawks, both interviewed for the Eagles job and both are now free to accept offers as their seasons are over.

The question that now arises is, following their teams showings, should the Eagles still consider these two coaches.

First we look at McCoy who interviewed for the Eagles gig right after the regular season ended. McCoy seems to fit the bill for what Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie wants. He is a young coach with the ability to be innovative and to adapt his offense to the ever-changing flow of today’s NFL. He seems like a hot commodity and some reports indicate that he is the top candidate to take over the reins in Arizona.

Following this weekend’s loss to Baltimore, it is hard to look at McCoy in quite the same way. The Denver offense was completely outplayed this weekend and made some crucial mistakes that gave the Ravens the game. Despite scoring 35 points, 14 of those points came on the strength of return touchdowns by Trindon Holiday. Peyton Manning was only particularly un-sharp as he threw two interceptions on the day, one of which was to the Raven’s Corey Graham which setup the game winning kick for Baltimore. The Bronco’s also made the surprising decision to run out the clock with :31 second in regulation as opposed to trying to get into field goal range with two timeouts left.

It is hard to say what decisions were McCoy’s and which belonged to Manning and to head coach John Fox. However, there were some clear mistakes made in that game that could raise some questions about the young coach.

Gus Bradley could help to turn around the Eagles defense if hired for the job.

Gus Bradley could help to turn around the Eagles defense if hired for the job.

Then there was Gus Bradley who is set to interview for the Eagles position today. Bradley’s Seahawks defense was one of the most feared in football this season. There match up against the Falcons was a tale of two halves. The first half was all Atlanta as the Falcons took a commanding 20-0 lead into the locker room. A Seattle secondary that was one of the most imposing in the league gave up a pair of Matt Ryan touchdown passes, one to Tony Gonzalez and one to Roddy White on a 47 yard bomb down the middle of the field.

The Seahawks defense certainly redeemed themselves in the second half. They held Atlanta to just 10 points in the half and gave their offense every opportunity necessary to come back and win the game. The Seahawks defense showed a level of toughness that almost allowed their team to pull off an improbable cross-country comeback against the NFC’s top ranked team.

With that said, how do you grade Bradley; on the first half, the second half, or both?

For that matter, how do you grade each of these signal callers this weekend? Each will undoubtedly be considered based on their entire body of work, but remember the NFL is a “what have you done for me lately” type of league so this weekend’s game will certainly be taken into consideration.


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