Sixers sign Nick Young, cut ties with Brand and Williams

Two leaders on the Sixers, Elton Brand and Lou Williams, will not be brought back next season.

The 76ers have been quiet throughout this offseason but they finally made some noise yesterday. The team appeared on the ESPN ticker on several occasions yesterday. The Sixers agreed to terms with their first free agent of the offseason, Nick Young. Young and the Sixers agreed to a one year, $6 million deal. The team was not done making headlines. Forward Elton Brand was waived by the team by way of the amnesty clause. The 76ers news cycle continued with news that guard Lou Williams, would also not be suiting up for the Sixers next season.

The fans have been waiting for the Sixers to make some sort of splash. The team is in a critical stage right now. They are coming off a season where they over achieved, making it to Game 7 of the second round of the playoffs. The team obviously has critical decisions to make to try to improve to take another step forward. One of their biggest issues in the playoffs was scoring the basketball. They made an attempt to address that issue by signing Young.

Nick Young has agreed to terms with the Sixers on a one year, $6 million deal.

Young, 6’7 210 pounds, is a pure shooting guard and a pure scorer. He is the epitome of the what the Sixers lacked a season ago. Young averaged over 16 points per game last season while playing for the Washington Wizards. Williams, the Sixers leading scorer, averaged just 14.9 points per game on the year. Young is a career 38% 3 point shooter and will help the Sixers in that department while spacing out the floor. Young is not a defender, a rebounder, or a passer. He is a scorer and that is what the Sixers will ask him to do. He is a bigger version of Williams and a more athletic, versatile version of Jodie Meeks. Young was brought in to give the Sixers the flat-out scorer they do not have.

The acquisition of Young was accompanied by the news that Elton Brand was to be waived with use of the NBA’s amnesty provision. The clause can only be used once during the life of the current collective bargaining agreement and it gives teams the chance to “erase” a mistake. Brand will still be paid the $18 million owed to him for the upcoming season but the money will not count against the Sixers salary cap. Brand had a down year with averages of 8.6 points per game and 4.8 rebounds per game. Those numbers will most likely not improve next season and they hardly warrant a contract of Brand’s size. The move will give the Sixers the flexibility to go after another piece in free agency such as a younger big man or a veteran backup point guard.

Elton Brand played four seasons with the Sixers before the team decided to use the amnesty clause.

The final news of the day for the Sixers came via Twitter when free agent guard Lou Williams (@teamlou23) had this to say: “Philly, I appreciate you all. Unfortunately I will not be coming back, as an organization they decided to move in a different direction”. Several reports later in the day confirmed the decision and Williams’ former Sixer teammate Thaddeus Young (@yungsmoove21) tweeted: “Sad to see my guys @teamlou23 and EB go…wish them the best of luck.”

Lou Williams and the Sixers will part ways after seven seasons.

Williams will now have a chance to seek a deal with a team that may give him a legitimate chance to start in the NBA. With a plethora of point guards changing teams this offseason, there may be a home for Williams out there.

With all of the moves the team made yesterday, the Sixers are now in position to make some key acquisitions this offseason.

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