Is Karma Real? Ask Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens would seem like a logical fit for the Niners but there is a slim chance he will end up there.

Have you ever looked for solid, undeniable proof of the existence of the phenomenon that is karma? Tons of people have and it is the typical excuse we use to justify why certain things happen to certain people in certain situations.

Karma is basically defined as the good or bad incarnations that result from the behaviors of an individual. If you do good, good will happen to you and if you do bad, bad will happen to you. Pretty simple right?

There is no scientific proof that karma exists, but if you are looking for some very strong support of it, look no further than Terrell Owens. The former NFL wide receiver has built a reputation of being a disruption in the locker room and now he is struggling to find a locker room that will take him in. The offers are there, they just aren’t from NFL teams.

The latest reports involving Owens report that the former All-Pro wideout is on the verge of returning to the gridiron with an Indoor League team, the  Allen Wranglers. The simple fact that an NFL team will not come anywhere near Owens is the greatest example of karma I’ve ever seen.

Think about it. There is no way that teams are simply passing on him due to age and health. In reality, if health were the issue, teams would simply bring Owens in for a workout and physical and then sign him to a minimal deal that eliminates any serious risks. Age is also a weak excuse because older players excel all the time. No one is expecting Terrell Owens to sign a long term deal. If there was a team that needed a solid receiver for their playoff push, they could ink the 38 year old and let him go after a few weeks.

The interesting thing is that there is a team out there that fits that bill. The San Francisco 49ers have released receiver Braylon Edwards who just never seemed to fit in Jim Harbaugh’s system. Owens would seem to be a fit. He’s a big physical receiver who caught 72 passes for 983 yards and nine touchdowns just last season.

Seems hand in glove right?

It would, if Owens hadn’t imploded the 49ers during his time there. Owens played eight season in San Francisco and allowed the Niners to go from one legend to another transitioning from Jerry Rice to Owens. However, in his time there, Owens clashed with coaches, had a huge ego, and butted heads with quarterback Jeff Garcia. Needless to say, when Owens bolted for Philadelphia, he burned the bridges with the team that he built his legend with and years later there is no chance that he’ll return to San Francisco. It is not because Owens would not love to return. It is because the Niners are back on the road to relevance and they do not want Owens around to mess that up. That’s karma.

Owens' tumultuous relationship with Donovan McNabb spelled doom for his time with the Eagles.

How about the Eagles? The team has been looking for a big compliment receiver for Desean Jackson since Owens left. Riley Cooper is solid but he is not Terrell Owens. When the dream team was on their signing spree, why didn’t Owens get a call? Karma. For all his faults, Andy Reid is smart enough to know not to go down that road again. That’s karma.

What about Big D? The Cowboys are all about winning even though they haven’t done much of it since the 90’s but America’s team is clamoring to return to the top. How about a solid veteran wide receiver to mentor your young diva Dez Bryant? Oh wait, Owens already burned bridges there and two diva receivers is two too many. That’s karma.

Upon signing with the Cowboys, Owens told everyone to get their popcorn ready.

The point being proven here is that karma is the only logical explanation. Practice squad receivers are popping up all over the NFL and getting chances everyday. Owens has more yards in a single game then some of them have in their careers. We are talking about a receiver with 1,078 receptions, 15,934 yards, 153 touchdowns and 219 games played over 15 seasons. No matter what you think of Owens, that is quite the resume. You can not really point to age since every time a quarterback gets hurt, Brett Favre’s name pops up. He could walk back into the league anytime he wants.

Owens is on the verge of signing with the Allen Wranglers because he could not make up for his attitude with stats. His last few teams in the NFL (Buffalo and Cincinnati) were more about publicity than talent. He will not fill seats anymore and therefore he is no longer a needed commodity in the NFL.

This may not be the most solid proof, but when you look at Terrell Owens, you have to seriously think karma could be real. Think about it.

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