What do Philly Fans Want for Christmas?

Philadelphia fans have a lot to wish for this holiday season.

Tis the season to be jolly…

It’s the time of year when we all grab a pen and paper (or maybe an iPad) and make out our list to Santa Claus as we all hope for that special gift to be under the tree come Christmas morning. I came home this afternoon and noticed my parents making their annual inconspicuous trek out the door, failing to mention to anyone exactly where they were headed. They’ve dropped their share of hints to the point where my brother ended up making up a list for “Santa” and needless to say, that list is gone. I’m not trying to let the cat out of the bag for any of my readers who haven’t heard the news so lets move on.

The list itself made me wonder something. What are Philadelphia sports fans hoping that Santa brings them on Christmas morning?

There have been a few early gifts for Philly sports enthusiasts. The Sixers are back in action and thumped the Washington Wizards in their first preseason game last Friday. The Eagles defeated the New York Jets Sunday to keep their playoff hopes alive. The Flyers will be the hosts of this year’s Winter Classic at Citizen’s Bank Park and their star Claude Giroux has returned to practice following a concussion (Story via CSNPhilly). And of course, the Phillies re-signed Jimmy Rollins to a deal that will keep him in red pinstripes for three to four more seasons. But let’s be realistic. Philadelphia fans are hard to please so there’s a good chance there’s more on the list.

Claude Giroux has been the best present the Flyers could ask for this season.

We’ll start with Flyers fans. They would obviously love to hear that Giroux, Sean Couturier and Chris Pronger would be back in action, but it does not look like Santa will be delivering that one. Giroux is back to skating but signs still point to him missing the Winter Classic. Couturier was struck in the head by a Kimmo Timonen slap shot and was released from the hospital Sunday (Story via CSNPhilly). There is no timetable for his return. Pronger is done for the year.

All of the misfortune certainly clouds the good when it comes to the Flyers. The team is playing fantastic hockey and is currently in first place in the Eastern Conference. The team’s strong start certainly has Stanley Cup on the wish list but obviously that cannot be delivered by Christmas. How about a win over the Rangers? The team loss to the Rangers 2-0 in November and some revenge in their next matchup Wednesday would be a nice preview to the Winter Classic. By the way, did anyone see 24/7 Flyer/Rangers? Good stuff.

What can we stuff Phillies fans stockings with? Obviously this time of year really is not baseball driven. Spring training is still a few months away and the Phils appear done with their wheeling and dealing for the most part. The team has acquired Jim Thome, Laynce Nix, Dontrelle Willis, Ty Wigginton, Johnathon Papelbon and of course the re-signing of J-Roll.

Doc is still putting in work despite the field renovations. Photo courtesy of Adam Kimelman.

What more can Phillies fans ask for on Christmas? How about an absolutely dedicated ace pitcher who is doing everything to guarantee that his team makes up for what happened to them in the playoffs? That gift is in the making. Roy Halladay was spotted at CBP this week throwing on the field in shorts (in December). To top it off, the ice rink for the Winter Classic was also being installed as Doc threw. Halladay is making sure that all Phils fans who have another Cy Young caliber season from Halladay on their list will get their wish.

Let’s see. What to give Sixers fans? Obviously the league is delivering the ultimate gift to NBA fans; the opening day of the season on Christmas day. The entire season was in jeopardy due to the lockout so to have the first games of the year on Christmas day is certainly a gift. But Sixers fans need something specifically for them.

How about a new mascot? Things look decent on the basketball side of things. Jrue Holiday and the young core of the team looked great in the first preseason game and the team is poised to improve on their .500 record from last year. However, the team needs someone new to entertain the crowd since Hip-Hop got the axe, I mean since he fell in love and moved to rural Pennsylvania (for the kids).

The choices are B. Franklin Dogg, Big Ben and Phil E. Moose. In my opinion, a solid dance squad with some acrobats thrown in would suffice but how can you ignore mascots designed by the Jim Henson company? So, I can’t pretend that I like any of these so we’ll just say hopefully by Christmas day, Sixers fans will receive the best of a bad situation. Ben Franklin: too obvious. B. Franklin Dogg: Basically Hip Hop as a dog and also grammatically inaccurate and I’m sorry but I’ve never seen a Moose in Philly. My dad suggested a giant cheesesteak. Couldn’t get any worse I guess.

The Sixers mascot choices: Big Ben, B. Franklin Dogg and Phil E. Moose. (left to right)

Finally, what to give Eagles fans?

This by far is the most interesting fan base to give a gift to. Everyone wearing midnight green wants something different. Some of you want to go to the playoffs. Some of you want to lose out and get a high draft pick. Some of you want Andy Reid back (you’re probably in the minority) and some of you want him fired. Some of you want linebackers with some actual size and others want safeties that can actual cover someone. Eagles fans are picky.

Michael Vick and the Eagles still have a slim playoff chance.

I got it. All of Eagles fans, despite their differences have one thing that they love that bonds them together. They love to hate Dallas. The best gift that Eagles fans can hope for, is a win over the Dallas Cowboys on Christmas Eve. Does it keep their playoff hopes alive. Yes, but those of you who want to miss out on the playoffs to get Reid fired can most likely put your angst aside for a win over Big D.

There you have it Philly fans. Consider your stockings stuffed. If there are any other last minute gifts that you want, feel free to comment so we can see what else Philly fans are asking Santa for.

In the words of one of my favorite Christmas Classics, “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays”! -NSYNC. Enjoy!

One Response to What do Philly Fans Want for Christmas?

  1. Ryan McDonald says:

    Happy to see the Sixers will be back in action, especially with Collins at the helm guiding this up and coming core of young players. As for the mascot situation, I’d have to go with the moose. However you mean to tell me the Jim Henson company couldn’t come up with anything better. I mean, seriously?

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