He’s Back: Phillies Ink Jimmy Rollins to Three Year Deal

Jimmy Rollins is a .272 career hitter with 170 homeruns.

He has been Ruben Amaro Jr.’s top priority for the last few weeks now. Amaro has set a precedent as General Manager of the Phillies of always getting his man. He kept that trend going Saturday as news broke that the Phillies had re-signed Jimmy Rollins to a three year deal worth $33 million with a vesting option for a fourth season in Philadelphia.

The deal seems to work for both sides. Rollins asserted that he wanted a five year deal coming into free agency, but there were certainly factors working against him in terms of receiving that many years. One of those factors was of course his age. A deal like that would have lasted Rollins until he was 38 and with a young shortstop, Freddy Galvis, coming up in the system, the Phillies did not want to be locked in for too long.

This deal gives the Phillies a solid shortstop for the next few seasons and if his production is solid, they will have him for a fourth season. Rollins could potentially end up only one year off of his five year target.

Jimmy Rollins was an integral part of the Phillies' 2008 World Championship.

The market for shortstops also greatly influenced the deal. Rollins came into free agency as the second best shortstop on the market behind Jose Reyes who inked a six year $102 million deal with the Miami Marlins. Once Reyes set the bar, Rollins became the top shortstop available but interest was not there. The Cardinals brought back Rafael Furcal instead of pursuing Rollins. The Brewers, another potential Rollins suitor, agreed to terms with Alex Gonzalez instead. Once all of those deals were signed, the market for shortstops had pretty much dried up and it became a formality that Rollins would return to the Phillies.

The player who has been the face of the Phillies for numerous years (at least in my opinion; check out Mark Whited’s rebuttal) is back with the franchise. Rollins wasted no time taking to Twitter to remind us all that number 11 will be manning shortstop for the forseeable future.

I see you all know by now. Gotta deal with me for 3 (4) more years!
Dec 17 via WhoSayFavoriteRetweetReply

The deal means that for the next few seasons, the Phillies do not have to worry about the shortstop position and can focus on retooling other spots to keep taking runs at a championship.

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