The Phenomenon That is Tebow

Tim Tebow has led the Broncos to first place in their division.

Either you hate him or you love him. Either you think he is merely an untalented fad of a quarterback who will eventually be figured out by NFL defenses or you think he is making up for what he lacks in quarterbacking skill with pure leadership and will. Either way you know he is an unconventional NFL signal caller to say the least and he is currently one of the most intriguing enigmas in all of sports today.

If you have paid a visit to ESPN or NFL Network during this football season, you have probably stumbled upon quite a bit of in-depth Tebow analysis. The overwhelming analysis from almost every expert is that Tebow will not be able to continue winning games and it is merely a matter of time before the league figures out how to stop him and the Broncos option offense. The question is…WHEN?

Tebow has started every game for the Broncos since Week 7 and has a 7-1 record. Why is it taking so long to figure him out? The Broncos are now 8-5, first place in their division. Sometimes its hard to hear pundits claim that Tebow will never win in the NFL since all he’s done is WIN, WIN, WIN.

Of course there are rebuttals to that logic. Experts typically say that the NFL regular season is one thing, but he will never win a Super Bowl playing the way he plays. I’ve watched a lot of Tebow since his days in college and the WAY he plays seems to be hard and passionate and I would want my quarterback to play that way. Also, the last time I checked, the Super Bowl is played with an oblong ball called a football, just like the regular season; they play on a field 100 yards between each endzone and 50 yards wide, just like the regular season; 11 players line up on offense and defense, just like the regular season and the players wear helmets and pads just like the regular season. It’s the SAME GAME. If winning in the regular season does not mean anything, why are the Packers the odds on favorite to win the Super Bowl? If Tebow is winning now, there is no reason to assume he cannot win on the biggest stage.

Often when Tebow is analyzed people refer to the “way” he plays. What exactly is the “way” he plays? Tebow: 7-1 record as a starter this season, 1,290 passing yards, 11 touchdown passes, two interceptions, 517 rushing yards, three rushing touchdowns.

Those are the numbers of a player who knows his limitations and who plays to his strengths.

If all of his critics claim that he is not a real quarterback and will not be one, lets not judge him the way we judge real quarterbacks. Lets judge Tebow on leadership. His teammates speak incredibly highly of him and that says a lot when he plays on a team with sure fire Hall of Famers and well respected leaders in Champ Bailey and Brian Dawkins.

Lets judge him on passion. He comes to play every week and when experts pick apart his play they never say anything about his lack of intensity.

Lets judge him on character. No matter what your faith or religion might be, to see someone who not only has strong morals but who also exudes them in his daily life and work is admirable. Is his faith actually leading to wins?

Most importantly, lets judge him on wins. He’s 7-1 as a starter this year and his team is in first place.

This week could be an interesting one for Tebow. He’s going up against Tom Brady, a “real” quarterback and the New England Patriots. Not too many people are expecting the Pats to get “Tebowed” but a solid performance could mean a lot for Tebow. Although, his critics will simply use it as an “I told you so” moment.

Tebowing is sweeping the nation.

Before we conclude, what would an analysis of Tebowmania be without a look into Tebowing. The quarterback’s touchdown celebration has taken on a life of it’s own and has overtaken the summer craze, planking. My little brother came home the other day talking about the kids at school breaking into a Tebowing frenzy. It’s a phenomenon with roots in Tebow’s religious morals and it will go down as an iconic celebration as long as Tebow keeps winning.

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  1. Scott Sholar says:

    Thanks for sharing. God bless you. I wrote a piece on Tim about a month ago:

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