Shaq Calls it a Career

Shaquille O'Neal won 3 titles with the Lakers.

The price of diesel fuel has just sky rocketed as one of America’s biggest suppliers, The Big Diesel himself, Shaquille O’Neal has announced his retirement. O’Neal is calling it a career after 19 NBA seasons in which he played for 6 teams (ORL, LAL, MIA, PHX, CLE, BOS).

O’Neal tallied career averages of 24 points and 11 rebs per game which includes several statistically weak seasons toward the end of his career. O’Neal was even more potent in the playoffs averaging slightly higher point and rebound totals. O’Neal went to the playoffs all but 2 seasons during his 19 years in the NBA. O’Neal won 3 Championships while a member of the Lakers and added a 4th with the Miami Heat in 2006. In his career, O’Neal has teamed up with some players who will clearly go down as some of the best in NBA History. He played with Penny Hardaway in Orlando, Kobe Bryant in L.A., Dwayne Wade in Miami, Steve Nash in Phoenix, Lebron James in Cleveland, and Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce in Boston. He has also played for 2 of the games best all time coaches, Phil Jackson and Pat Riley.

Shaquille O'Neal, Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant won three consecutive titles together.Shaquille O'Neal and the Lakers defeated the Sixers in 5 games in the 2001 NBA Finals.

O’Neal will go down in NBA History as one of the most dominant players to ever play the game. Just ask Dikembe Mutombo who had his hands full with Shaq during the Lakers’ 2001 Finals victory over the Sixers. O’Neal will never be regarded as the best player to play the game but no one will ever doubt that he was the ultimate force to be reckoned with.

Shaquille O'Neal was the star of the movie Steel.

For as popular as he was on the court, he may have been even more popular off. O’Neal has acted in several films including Blue Chips, Kazaam, Good Burger, Steel, The Wash, and Scary Movie 4. Shaq also hosted the reality series Shaq Vs. on ABC in which he took on athletes from other sports at their craft. O’Neal released 5 studio rap albums as well.

O’Neal was in every way the epitomy of a big kid. He was clearly the most fun-loving player on the court and that showed. That was indeed part of the reason why he resonated with so many people.

Some say he stuck around too long and perhaps he did. There was little to no reason for his single season stints with Cleveland and Boston. He really was not a great compliment to the Big 3 in Beantown, he never meshed with Lebron James enough to get Cleveland over the hump, and he only slowed down the run and gun Suns. But even if he did stick around too long, no one can say it hurt the NBA. All Shaq did was go out there and play. He continued to try to help teams get over the hump wherever he went and he continued to be a fun-loving spokesperson for the league. Do not be surprised to see Shaq on television in the very near future lending his analysis on the NBA.

O’Neal announced his retirement yesterday on Twitter. Unconventional? Yes, but that is how O’Neal does it. Unconventional behavior, nicknames, movies, dances, free throws and most important, talent. The NBA will have to say goodbye to one of its greatest players of all time and perhaps its greatest personality.

Shaquille O'Neal, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and George Mikan are three Lakers who were all amongst the NBA's most dominant big men of all time.

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