Will the Sixers Land A Morris Twin in the 2011 NBA Draft?

Evan Turner was landed by the Sixers with the #2 pick last year. The team's improvement means a 14 spot slide back to #16.

The 2011 NBA Draft is to be held on June 23rd, in New Jersey, due to construction in Madison Square Garden and while the famed arena is getting a make over, so will the Sixers’ front court. It is clear where this team needs the most help and that is at the Center and Power Forward positions. GM Ed Stefanski and Team President Rod Thorn are both aware of that fact. Elton Brand was absolutely stellar last season but he is not the future of this team. They need a piece that can grow and develop alongside Holiday and Turner. Thaddeus Young is not necessarily a prototypical Power Forward. The Sixers need a Power Forward who can bring a physical post game to contrast with Young’s slashing ability. Spencer Hawes would make a great backup center for any team and Mareese Speights has shown flashes of potential but has certainly not developed into the player many thought he would be by now.

Sixers GM Ed Stefanki (left) and Team President Rod Thorn will have the task of finding the next young piece to add to the Sixers.

All of this is not lost on the Sixers and when the 16th pick comes around on June 23rd, expect to hear the name of a power forward or center called. One name that has been kicked around a lot lately is Markieff Morris. He has been linked to the Sixers in numerous  Mock Drafts and many see him as being the power forward that the Sixers may need down the road. Because Elton Brand still looks to have something left in the tank, Morris could learn a great deal backing him up for a while until they are ready to hand him the reins.

PF Markieff Morris seems like a real possibility to end up playing for his hometown Sixers.

Morris is obviously apart of the famed Morris twins who are products of Philadelphia. A home-coming for Morris might just be a match made in heaven for the Sixers. Some have said that the potency of both Morris twins may be down in the NBA simply because they have played together their whole lives but being home may be exactly what Markieff Morris will need to feel comfortable in place of playing with his brother.

Morris would give the Sixers the prototypical power forward that they do not have behind Brand. Many thought it would be Speights but he has translated more into a Center on the NBA level, and not a fantastic one yet to say the least. Morris is slightly over 6’9 and is around 245-250 lbs. He is defensive minded with some offensive skills as well. Most people project his brother to go higher due to his more developed offensive game but Markieff Morris is no slouch himself. He averaged 13 points and 8 rebounds per game last season at Kansas and even though he only took 59 3 pointers (a lot for a PF), he made 25 of them which is 42%. He also recorded at least a block per game. Morris could be just what the Sixers need as a piece to develop for down the line and to perhaps push Mareese Speights a little bit to get him going again.

Tristan Thompson may be bringing his intensity to the Wells Fargo Center next season.

Other names that the Sixers have been linked to for the 2011 draft include Donatas Motiejunas, C from Lithuania, Kenneth Faried, PF out of Morehead State, Enes Kantner, C out of Kentucky, and Tristan Thompson, PF out of Texas who is seemingly beginning to work his way up draft boards into the lottery.

This particular NBA Draft is somewhat deep when it comes to looking for front court help so the Sixers will have plenty of options come June 23rd. The team does not have a lot of roster flexibility so a major move in free agency is out of the question. Any major improvements short of a big trade will have to come in this draft.

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