Cliff Lee returned to the Phillies this offseason after spending a year away with Seattle and Texas.

The long-awaited day has finally, sorry I mean PhinalLEE, come and gone. When the Phillies  made the shocking move of resigning Cliff Lee, April 2nd was circled on a number of calendars. Cliff Lee was presumed to be returning to Philly as the number 2 starter and he made his 2nd Phillies debut on the hill against the Houston Astros. The crowd was electric when he ran out to the mound before the game, when he was up to bat, and after each one of his 11 strikeouts. Expect every word that ends in “ly” to be converted to ending with “lee” for the forseeable future.


Cliff Lee got off to an excellent start in the game. He struck out two hitters in the first and looked quite sharp. He hit his spots for the majority of the game and was only rattled by Astros slugger, Carlos Lee who recorded a triple and a home-run off of Lee. Lee pitched 7 innings, recorded 7 strikeouts and more impressively walked none meaning that the Phillies starting staff has yet to walk a batter this season.

As happy as the fans were to see their lost son return to CBP, they must have been just as happy to see the play of the Phillies lineup. The Phils put up 9 runs on the Astros much in the fashion that they have when the offense was at its peak in recent years. Many experts and fans alike have been skeptical about the Phillies offense minus Chase Utley and Jayson Werth, but the early season returns have proven to the contrary. Jimmy Rollins has taken nicely to his new role as the number three hitter and Ryan Howard has looked comfortable at the plate. The Phillies scored their 9 runs on a stellar 14 hits and got to the Astros starter, Wandy Rodriguez, in the first inning for two runs, which is always a good sign for this team. Anytime the Phillies put up early runs, they have to be confident with the pitching staff that they have.

So far Ryan Howard has hit the ball well going 4-8 at the plate this season.


The middle of the lineup, which has been called “thin” by some experts, was anything but today as Placido Polanco, Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, Ben Francisco, and Raul Ibanez all had 2 or more hits. Every starting position player had at least one hit.

On top of that, the bullpen combination of Danys Baez and Jose Contreras, was also quite stellar. Neither pitcher gave up an earned run in their appearance even though both appearances got a little interesting.

The game was not without some suspense. Shane Victorino and Ben Francisco collided in the outfield on a ball in the gap which resulted in Victorino being removed from the game. Charlie Manuel spoke afterwards and stated that he was not too sure of Victorino’s condition other than the fact that he claimed that his calf was tight.

In the end, the Phillies are 2-0. Cliff Lee’s return to Philly was indeed a success and the team will try to complete the first series of the season with a 3 game sweep as Roy Oswalt will take the mound tomorrow against his former team. Unfortunately for the Astros, they had to be the first team to encounter the Halladay, Lee, Oswalt series and they will try to salvage at least one win tomorrow.

Roy Oswalt will look to complete the sweep of his former team, the Astros.


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