NFL Lockout is Looming

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has insisted that a deal will be reached.

The clock is ticking. Tonight at 12:00am the NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement will expire unless a deal can be reached prior to the deadline. That essentially means that the owners will lock the doors and the players will go on strike. This means that there will potentially be no season next year. There have been ongoing negotiations between the owners and the players and at this point, both sides are remaining quiet on the situation. The owners have been advised to not make comments to the media and at this point no one is too sure about anything.

What we do know is, all of the best aspects of the NFL off season, go out the window. Trades will be disallowed during the lockout as will signing free agents. For the many teams that need to retool their rosters to compete, the lockout could put all of their plans on hold.

The major issues revolve around the 18 game season proposed by the owners and the rookie salary scale. Owners are seeking more games which will lead to more revenue dollars but they do not want to pay the players any more money. The players have no intention of playing a longer season without more compensation and more guaranteed money. As far as the rookie scale goes, it seems like both sides are willing to admit that rookie contracts need to be scaled back but the question is by how much.

NFLPA director DeMaurice Smith.

At this point, it does not seem like a resolution is right around the corner but there certainly is reason to believe that there will be football next season. Let’s hope that it is not anything like the 1987 replacement games played with replacement football players hired by the owners. Both sides are well aware of how lucrative this business is, and both want their fair share. Last season was the most profitable in NFL history and it boasted the most viewed super bowl of all time despite the lackluster musical elements. Both players and owners are well aware of this and they are both standing strong to get what they want.

Tonight at midnight something will have been decided. Either concessions will have been made and the off season will be in full swing or the NFL will be in a lockout and fans may have to find something else to occupy their Sundays and Mondays this upcoming fall.

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