How Many Games Will the Sixers Win This Season?

Forward Elton Brand is having his best season in Philly while Andre Iguodala is coming into his own as a leader.

The Sixers enter tonight’s game against the Pistons with a chance to make it to .500 for the first time this season. Considering the fact that four Pistons boycotted practice in protest of their coach, John Kuester, today (Richard Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Chris Wilcox, and Tracy McGrady) a win is likely. The win would make the Sixers 29-29 which would be a two game improvement over last season’s win total.

But what about for the season as a whole? How many games should the Sixers expect to win this season?

I went through the remaining schedule game by game to predict how many wins the Sixers would finish with this season and the number that I came up with was…Drumroll Please… 47, which would give the Sixers a 47-35 overall record at the end of the season. That total would not be shabby at all and it would certainly have Doug Collins in stellar position to come away with the coach of the year award.

Assuming that the team wins tonight and goes 29-29, the next 5 games after tonight would be at Cleveland, vs. Dallas, vs. Minnesota, vs. Golden State and at Indiana. Expect 4-1 during that stretch which would make the team 33-30.

Andre Iguodala remained in Philly through the deadline despite rumors and he is now geared up for the playoff push.

The next six would be vs. OKC, vs. Boston, at Milwaukee, at Utah, at LAC, at Sacramento. In that stretch expect 4-2. Losses to OKC and Boston are likely but expect wins against the Bucks, the Deron Williams-less Jazz, the Clippers, and the Kings. That stretch would make the team 37-32.

The next six would be at Portland, vs. Atlanta, at Miami, vs. Sacramento, at Chicago and vs. Houston. I would also expect 4-2 over this stretch with losses to Miami and Chicago. Now we’re talking about 41-34.

The next group of games would be vs. New Jersey, at Milwaukee, at Boston, vs. NY, vs. Toronto, vs. Orlando, and vs. Detroit. I’m predicting 6-1 for that stretch. Expect wins over New Jersey, Toronto, Detroit and Milwaukee of course and do not be surprised to see the team finally topple Boston, who they have had some great games against and expect a win over either NY or Orlando. So now we’re at 47-35.

Rookie Evan Turner and Sophomore Evan Turner are both playing roles in the Sixers recent success.

47-35 would be a record that no one would have expected after a 3-13 start. We’re talking about a 20 game spike in wins over last season. This would probably only occur if the team played their best game of basketball every night but who is to say they won’t. If they continue to play the way they did against the Wizards coming out of the break, it might just happen.

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