What (if anything) Will The Sixers do at the Deadline?

Chris Kaman during the 2010 NBA All Star game in Dallas.

Tomorrow is the NBA trade deadline and it is that time of year when players start getting things together just in case they suddenly have to move. Will any of the Sixers have to pack up and go? We’ll know for sure by tomorrow but it does not seem all that likely.

The first Sixer that comes to mind anytime a trade situation comes up is Andre Iguodala. Iguodala seems like the Sixers’ best trade chip being that he would indeed bring the most talent back to Philly. However, do not expect Iguodala to go anywhere.

Andre Iguodala has heard a lot of trade chatter and his fate will be determined by tomorrow.

The chemistry of the team is good right now and moving Iguodala would really mess with that. Trading Iguodala away would basically be tanking on the season for a salary dump and the young players do not need to hear that the team is looking to get rid of their best talent to free up some money. It definitely would not be a confident boost for Jrue Holiday and the rest of the young core.

There also does not seem to be equal value to be had on the market right  now for Iguodala. The young talented big man with scoring potential and defensive prowess that the team needs does not really seem to be available anywhere on the market at this time. Therefore, why trade Iguodala? There is no pressure to deal him and teams around the league will certainly give up more than most Sixers fans expect. Dei Lynam of CSNPhilly talked today about how she spoke to several players and coaches around the league and it is clear that they regard Iguodala as a much better player than Philly fans give him credit for.

So the bottom line is do not expect Iguodala to have a different jersey by tomorrow.

With that being said, if the Sixers do make a deal, expect it to be with pieces like Jason Kapono, Darius Songaila, Andres Nocioni and Tony Battie. All of those players make reasonable amounts of money and could aid in reducing salary for a team.

Sixers Small Forward Jason Kapono's $6 mil expiring contract could be a potential trade chip.

Imagine this scenario. If the Sixers are going to make any kind of push, they should certainly try this. The Sixers could offer the L.A. Clippers the expiring contracts of Jason Kapono, Darius Songaila, and Tony Battie with picks for Chris Kaman. The Sixers would acquire the center they need. Kaman is much more established than Spencer Hawes. Hawes is indeed only 22 years old and he certainly has potential. The problem is, he has been thrust into starting ever since he entered the NBA and has never had the chance to learn backing up a solid veteran. He will get that chance if the Sixers could acquire Kaman. It would give the Sixers a solid starter who plays well with Elton Brand and the team would only lose players that would not affect the chemistry much.

The Clippers would take on $12 mil plus that would come off the books at the end of this season in time for the new CBA and perhaps they could parlay that money into filling some of their needs. Reports are that they also want a starting caliber small forward to balance their team out and although Kapono plays very little for the Sixers, Doug  Collins did think enough of him to start him early in the season and maybe the Clippers and Vinny Del Negro could find a way to properly utilize him. If the Sixers are thinking trade, they should certainly try that one.

Clippers Center Chris Kaman and Rookie Sensation Blake Griffin.

So with players moving around the league (especially to the Atlantic Division for some reason) the Sixers may have to consider a deal. The Knicks just brought  in Carmelo Anthony and the Nets just brought in Deron Williams. Will the Sixers follow suit and look to make a deal. We’ll know for sure by tomorrow.

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