Sixers Enter All Star Break With 27 Wins

Tonight marks the first night of the NBA’s All-Star Weekend. The Sixers are currently 27-29 and sit in the 7th seed in the Eastern Conference. Sure, that record is by no means a phenomenal one…or is it? Consider this: last season the Sixers went 27-55. Notice any similarities? The 27 wins of course, however, this season the 27 wins came before the All-Star break as opposed to on the last day of the season.

When Collins took the job they talked about his spotless track record when it comes to turning teams around in his first season and they were not kidding. Collins has taken a team that had little identity on either side of the ball and turned them into a team that plays staunch defense on one end while running the ball beautifully in transition while also developing a solid half court strategy as well.

The Sixers have become one of the most well rounded teams in the league. They can do a little bit of everything well and Doug Collins has them believing that they can beat anyone in the league. When this season is all said and done,  expect to hear Collins name pop up quite a bit for coach of the year barring a catastrophic meltdown on the Sixers part which I do not expect. The Sixers have done a great job since their horrible start of avoiding long losing streaks.

3-13. That was the record after 16 games and it seemed like this was going to be another bust of a season. However, during that stretch, it was clear that they were playing a better brand of basketball but it was not translating into wins. Since that start and since it started translating into wins, the Sixers have gone 24-16.

Time for this journalist to do a little math. 24-16 is a .60 winning percentage. Let’s see what the Sixers 16 game start would have been had they been playing at that pace. A .60 winning percentage over 16 games is about 10-6. That would have made the Sixers overall record at this point not 27-29, but 34-22 which would of currently put them in the Eastern Conference’s 5th seed as opposed to 7th. That would of meant a potential match up with Orlando or Atlanta as opposed to Boston or Miami.

Although we are only talking in hypotheticals, the Sixers are certainly showing signs of playing much more like a 34-22 team than a 27-29 team.

They have gelled this season. The players all seem to have confidence in one another and they are playing really solid basketball for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is Jrue Holiday.

Holiday will be returning to his hometown tonight to participate in the Rookie Sophmore Game. He has undoubtedly earned a spot as one of the best players in his class and he is quickly becoming one of the better floor generals in the game. Although the East has a number of good young point guards, expect to see Jrue Holiday playing on Sunday night one year very soon.

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