Andy Reid Now 3rd Longest Tenured Head Coach in Pro Sports

Earlier today, the longest tenured coach in professional sports called it quits. Hall of Famer Jerry Sloan has resigned his position as head coach after coaching the Utah Jazz for the last 23 years. Sloan coached the franchise through numerous ups and downs and perhaps would have had a couple of championship rings to show for it had it not been for Michael Jordan and those pesky Bulls.

Sloan characterized the decision as the right time to move on. It seems a little odd though. The Jazz have struggled a little recently (4-10 in their last 14) but it seems like hardly enough to quit a job that you have had for 23 years. Perhaps Sloan has just reached the decision that he’s done all that he can with the Jazz. Maybe he feels like there is no more that he can do to get them closer to a championship. Perhaps he feels like even though he is a good coach (4th winningest coach in NBA history), maybe the players simply need a new voice, a new system, a new direction.

I wonder if Andy Reid heard that.

In light of Sloan resigning and Jeff Fisher parting ways with the Titans, Andy Reid has jumped from the 5th longest tenured coach in professional sports to 3rd. Reid has been head coach of the Eagles for 12 seasons and will be entering his 13th despite the blog rumors dubbing Jon Gruden the next head coach of the team. Blogs, huh?

Andy Reid is in 3rd behind the manager of the St. Louis Cardinals Tony LaRussa and Greg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs. Reid is currently the longest tenured coach in the NFL.

Reid will be taking his 13th crack at winning a Superbowl with the Eagles. It is a bit of a rarity in today’s NFL especially considering the quickness with which coaches are winning Superbowls today. Mike McCarthy won a Superbowl in Green Bay in year 5. Tom Coughlin won one in NY in year 4. Sean Payton brought one home in year 4. Mike Tomlin brought a ring to Pittsburgh in year 2 and Jon Gruden brought a ring to Tampa Bay in his first season at the helm.

Reid seems to work with employers that really trust him. They believe in him and feel like even after 12 years, he is the guy for the job; the guy to bring a ring to Philly. Do the fans feel that way? Well, they seemed to jump all over an internet blog rumor about Reid being fired so it’s probably safe to say the answer is no. Regardless of that fact, Reid is the guy. He may not be the right guy but, he’s the guy.

So congratulations to Andy Reid on this honor. He has been elevated to number one on the list of longest tenured coaches in professional sports without a championship and he will be looking to add another notch onto that belt next season.

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