Evan Turner Snubbed…Rookie Team Will Not Include #2 Overall Pick

The Rookie Team has been released and Sixers guard Evan Turner will not be on the team. I am not going to mince words on this one. This is a total snub in every sense of the word. WARNING….this will not be an unbiased article. For the NBA to leave Evan Turner off of the Rookie Team is embarrassing to him, and to the league. He was the #2 overall pick and the National Player of the Year in college. He deserves to be on the Rookie Team in every way.

Evan Turner, being the class act that he is, had this to say.

“When I found out I didn’t make it, I was like, ‘Whatever,'” Turner said. “There’s not much you can really do about it. … That’s life. Sometimes, the funniest things happen in life. I’ve been playing well as of late. I can’t worry about things I can’t control. It’s not like I’m a bad basketball player. I’ll be fine.” via The News Journal

It would be a different story if Evan Turner’s play warranted that he not make the team or if he was injured for the majority of the time, but it isn’t. Evan Turner has produced more than players who made the Rookie Team and the NBA needs to step up to the plate and explain how they decided to make Evan Turner the only pick of the top five not in the Rookie Challenge.

Lets compare for a second…Evan Turner vs. Eric Bledsoe. Eric Bledsoe of the Los Angeles Clippers made the team. Eric Bledsoe is averaging 6.3 ppg to Turner’s 7.4. Bledsoe is averaging 2.8 rpg to Turner’s 4.5. Bledsoe is averaging 4.1 assists to Turner’s 2. Turner also has Bledsoe beat in free throw percentage, three-point percentage and minutes per game. Bledsoe is also playing on a dismal team. Turner was the #2 overall pick and Bledsoe was #18.  Bledsoe made the team over Turner because?

How about this one? Evan Turner vs. Gary Neal. Gary Neal of the San Antonio Spurs made the Rookie team. Gary Neal is averaging 8.5 ppg to Turner’s 7.4. Neal is averaging 2.5 rpg to Turner’s 4.5 rpg. Neal is averaging 1.0 assists to Turner’s 2.0. Turner also plays 5 more minutes per game. Turner was the #2 overall pick and Neal went undrafted. Neal made the team over Turner because?

Look at it this way. If Bledsoe was missing from the team, would anyone notice? Apply that same question to Neal. I think for both, the answer would be no. Turner was the number two pick and has played some really good games as of late. His numbers and status warrant him being on the team. Turner has taken the high road by not letting this get him upset but he should feel disrespected by the NBA and if I were the Sixers, I would be asking for an explanation on Turner’s behalf.

It is great however to see one Sixer in the game. Jrue Holiday, who was not on the team as a Rookie either, has made the Sophomore team. This is a great honor for Jrue who is clearly one of the better players in his class and is becoming one of the better point guards in the NBA.

3 Responses to Evan Turner Snubbed…Rookie Team Will Not Include #2 Overall Pick

  1. Ryan McDonald says:

    I don’t necessarily agree. Even though those other players may not deserve to be on the team, neither does Turner. He just has not panned out the way many expected him to and just because someone is the number two pick in the draft does not mean they should be guaranteed a spot on the rookie team. And when you compare him to Gary Neal, Neal is much more deserving than Turner. Sure Turner averages five more minutes a game than Neal, but Neal has better numbers than Turner. Evan shoots 40 percent from the floor, 27 percent behind the arc and close to 80 percent from the foul line. While Neal shoots 41 percent from the floor, 39 percent behind the arc (74-189) and 83 percent from the foul line. Sure it’s not much of a difference, but as you pointed out Neal went undrafted. Turner is the number two pick of the draft making over 4.5 million while Neal makes less than a million. To me, that’s a no brainer.

    • raybj33 says:

      I see that point. I’m not saying that Turner is having a stellar year by any stretch. The thing is this is the Rookie Challenge at All Star Weekend and fans want to see the names they recognize and the players that are suppose to be stars. Regardless of how Eric Bledsoe and Gary Neal are playing, neither has star potential. Turner has shown glimpses of it a few times and he is playing in a situation where it has been difficult for him to carve out a niche. Also this draft class was weak overall and to single out Evan Turner as the only one out of the top five to not get to participate seems unfair to me. The first couple picks of the draft need to be in the game as long as they are contributing to their team and Evan Turner is definitely a contributing member of the Sixers. Singling him out to add on two players who no one is going to know in a few years anyway seems a little disrespectful. And in regards to Neal. He has played professionally overseas for years and is just now making it to the NBA. Turner is just getting used to professional level basketball. That tells me that Neal is probably as good as he’s going to be. Evan Turner is young and still has upside.

    • raybj33 says:

      Oh btw…Thanks for being my first comment dude.

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