NHL to Unveil Brand New All Star Format

The NHL’s 58th All-Star game is this weekend and tonight the league will kickoff the weekend with a brand new twist. The league is “taking it back to the streets” essentially by dumping the old East vs. West format for a pickup game style. All of the All-Stars have been selected and tonight they will be chosen just like back on the playground when we were kids. The Captains are Carolina’s Eric Staal and Detroit’s Nicklas Lidstrom.

There will be two Philadelphia Flyers who will be available for selection, Claude Giroux (1st appearance) who is having a stellar breakout season and Danny Briere (2nd appearance) who was oddly not chosen for the All-Star game originally but was later added on even though he has arguably been the best Flyer this season. In addition to being the two Flyers at the All-Star game, Briere and Giroux are also roommates. That should make for interesting dinner conversation if the two end up playing on different teams.

The Flyers will also be represented on the bench as Peter Laviolette will be a coach for one of the teams. Tonight’s draft will take place at 8pm on Versus.

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